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 Nepal is on the phase of rise country. Although there subsist some urban cities akin to Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur several additional best part are subjugated by the rural areas. These show the positive sides of Nepal and are serving to endorse sightseeing along with our exclusive cultures. Highly sophisticated hotels and luxurious guest room are accessible in each area of the world and these lavish things do not matter for the tourists who are lure for a Village Tour/Home Stay Tour. In Village Tour/ Home Stay Tour there is a kind of charm that attracts tourists in Nepal. Village Tour/Home Stay Tour is prosperous in Nepal as tourists are paying attention in perceiving other’s ethnicity, verbal communication, the past and they are affectionately receiving too. The speedy urbanization has shattered innate things and is endorsing non-natural things somewhere people do not wish for use up their time discussing with mysterious person but in Village Tour/ Home Stay Tours they are taken care like a members of the family not akin to a stranger. Visitors are delight similar to a god and the villagers are polite and contented to carve up each dilemma without any hesitation. Several popular places that are well thought-out as an open up for Village Tour/ Home Stay Tour are Ghale Gaun, Sirubari, Kapan along with many more.

When you reach your destination in the village for Village Tour/ Home Stay Tour you will be tenderly greet and the community of that area will make obvious their artistic program set aside it to the visitors. Furthermore visitors can take pleasure from delicious home-based foods by additional members of the family. The notion of Village Tour/ Home Stay Tour is to attach by means of the family and gain knowledge about them. Spending several times in Village Tour/ Home Stay Tour will transform your classification of village and the villagers may be changed by receiving to discover from you as well and you will acquire to be familiar with the genuine human beings with caring heart. You are straightly contributing by taking part in unusual local cultures of diverse groups. You will be thankful for practicing such tours in your being. The period that you pay out in the village as a tour will be your verve stretched understanding and at when the time comes to leave, villagers will sense gloomy as if they are arranging for the send-off their own family members. Captivating the conventional meals, enjoying the walk on the fields, participating in the conversation, viewing sunrise and sun set, partake in local dances and playing are everyone’s fine emotion that you will be enchanting along within yourself.
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