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While you think of trekking you should have general ideas of season as it is stated that no one knows when the nature conceal her beauty from the rest of the world. Planning and executing in apt trekking season will bring big smile on your face as you have considered season. So, maybe it is said that there is a kind of inter relationship amid man and nature. Knowing the suitable time period and setting out for trekking will help in accomplishing the trek package otherwise your time and money will lose its value in case you head in wrong season. Therefore, Adventure Glacier has attempted to bring out the some of the best Trekking Season thinking about the welfare of visitors since we treasure your time and money. 

Autumn season (September to November): the time period from September to November is extremely favored by the trekking companies for trekking as during this period the weather condition is dried out, constant and awfully apparent. Due to such feature you will be able to outlook all the loveliness starting from glorious mountains, pure rivers, pleasing waterfalls to abundant hills and dense forests.

Winter season (December to February): Usually there are two kinds of people who like to trek in winter to keep them warm and other who don’t even want to think of trek in winter. Here, we are focusing on the first category. Obviously in winter the climate is dried out and cold so we recommend carrying out the trek by selecting the packages for low altitude since you cannot think of high elevation as you may be suffered from snow. You are allowed to make out the obvious landscapes of the glorious mountains and relish natural majesty.

​Spring season (March to May): Spring seasons is number one trekking season for hiking and is supposed to be the best trekking season in Nepal. Although the warmth and snow gets higher there is the prospect of leftovers rainfall. The temperature is modest and the environment is full of luxuriant which will help in generating the most astonishing understanding of trekking. Blossoms of flowers further enhance the beauty of nature with offering clear cut vistas.
Summer season (June to August): For trekking point of view summer is usually not ideal type of season as you will feel the moist air with warmness which are travelled from Indian Ocean and the trekking trails of Nepal are too greasy which will create difficult in strolling. In additional, the sky is not eve apparent instead it is cloudy. So, because of cloud, rain, dust, leech you may go through several problems as a result you will spend unnecessary time in tackling with those obstacles.
In nutshell everything has its binaries even though you wish to carry out trek in not so suitable season as it may be convenient for you from various factors we are there to help you out. Adventure Glacier tenders its service throughout the year so you can contact us and accomplish your trekking dream without any trouble.

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