Flight delays and cancellation in Nepal

There may be several reasons for Flight delays and cancellation in Nepal and some of them are due to weather unpredictability (heavy rain, fog and winds), political instability and unexpected strike. Usually in winter these sort of problem is encounter more in comparison to other seasons. Since TIA does not have the Instrumental Landing System which could prevent from unfavorable weather condition. As a result flights are cancelled allowing the protection of passengers.
Normally starting from mid Jan towards the end of Feb is supposed to be imperfect for all domestic flights as these are these are the seasons where maximum flights are either cancelled or face delays in Nepal. Therefore, due to this reason monsoon is also listed as the season for Flight delays and cancellation in Nepal because of serious rain where as in summer passengers do not have to go through such problems.
Blaming the nature Adventure Glacier doesn’t want escape from the problem with easy way out as it has its adverse effect in the field of tourism. Visitors inward in Nepal with numerous dreams and it is not humanly act to force them to return with saddened. So, what we have been doing to save their time instead of choosing flight mode for the places like Pokhara and Chitwan they can use road ways as an alternative. Likewise, we were worried for the flight of Lukla as it is the main entrance for Everest what we have decided is to add one more day so that the panned itinerary is not affected. In case the climatic condition of Lukla favored then we may not need additional day if not then it will pay damages. Sometimes we have encountered the situation where our visitors don’t have any free day as they have packed schedule, tackling that problem we have been offering a helicopter service as well. So, it is our responsibility to take you out of difficulties.
In nutshell, Flight delays and cancellation in Nepal is frequently takes place so we request you to make the make up the mind and have patience as it is the indispensable quality which must be shown by every visitor. 

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