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Being the smallest Park of Terai, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve stretches itself to cover mere 176km of plain lands that was established in the year 1976 to provide sanctuary to the endangered wild water buffaloes commonly called Arna. In the year 1987, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve achieved another landmark when it was declared a Ramsar Site, a wet land as recorded about 465 diverse species of residential and migratory birds including globally threatened species of egrets, storks, ibises, terns and gulls from the place as far as Siberia swarm to the Reserve belt around November to February making the premises Eden for researchers and travelers fond of bird watching where as February to April are the best months for late migratory birds watching.

Existing on the floodplains of Sapta Koshi River in the south-eastern Terai, Koshi Tappu that translates as an island nestled in Koshi River includes itself in the list of sub continent’s prominent wetlands perfectly fit for hangout of waterfowls. Black- necked stork, red- necked falcon, swamp francolin are among some of the frequently seen birds.

Despite lacking in larger carnivores like tigers, leopards or rhinos, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve renders shelter to wildlife that consists of Mugger crocodiles, turtle, fishes, blue bull, wild boar, langur and spotted dear while dolphins can be spotted in the clear water of Sapta Koshi River.

While at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, one can engage in surreal adventure of guided on foot tour through thee grassland, river lagoons and woodlands of Reserve premises, elephant ride and canoe trips. Elephant ride allows the advantage of height and gives the wider views into grooves in a secure way.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Tour Package at ‘Nexus Travels and Tours’ have been set at 4 days that commences with a flight to Biratnagar.

Itinerary Outline of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Day01: Flight to Biratnagar Drive to Reserve
Day02: Jungle Safari
Day03: Bird Watching
Day04: Departure
Day01: Flight to Biratnagar Drive to Reserve:

45minutes of picturesque flying through the mountains with an aerial vista of rivers, terraces, crop fields and copse will lead us to Airport at Biratnagar whence we will have another 90minutes of comfort driving down the serpentine road to hotel nearby Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve where we will be staying overnight.

Day02: Jungle Safari:

The entire day would be dedicated to exploration in the jungle which is rather safe in comparison to other national parks due to absence of large carnivores. Thus guided tour on foot is possible in the Reserve. Jeep Safari and elephant riding are two other equally enthralling adventures into the deep woods of Reserve. Boars, langurs, marsh crocodiles, wild water buffaloes and deer will be among the frequently spotted animals this day.

Day03: Bird Watching:

Entering the wet land belt allows the impeccable field of vision for bird watching. Swamp Partridge, black necked stork, buntings, bulbuls and many more residential and migratory birds including several endangered species make Reserve a paradise for bird watching.

Day04: Departure:

Wrapping off the electrifying Koshi Tappu Wildlife Tour, we will head towards Biratnagar Airport, boarding a flight whence will lead us to Kathmandu from where it all started.
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Duration: 4 days

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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve - 4 days Days
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