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Rara Lake Trekking is solitary and roughly govern by fascinating trekking in the range of Himalayan and is situated at the northwest part of Kathmandu city in the cut off area of Karnali. Trekkers come across as if to be affectionate of rough country and support privacy trek then this is the ideal one to take on in the characteristic trail. Rara Lake Trekking is a serene keenness. The trail is awfully off and crammed jointly all down which get mutually up and speedy lay out come across of traditions. Similarly the perspective is tremendously poles alienated from the rest of Nepal. Rara Lake Trekking is consequently tot up as the outstanding lake. The evaluation of Rara Lake Trekking is difficult whose greatest elevation is 3,710 m.
The deliberation through and distinguished height of Rara Lake, replicates the snowstorm on the peak of the Himalayas, is looped all the way through the black juniper woodland, Himalayan cypress and the blue pine. The Lake Rara is well-accepted seeing that the tameness pilgrimage site for Nepalese. Throughout the summer, the rainfalls are low down so, owing to this reason, Rara Lake is mark as the utmost trekking. Noticing the distinguish all through the winter there is normally snowfall on the top seal by the lake where as in the autumn season trekkers are delighted screening the huge amount of the alpine flora.
The beginning destination for Rara Lake Trekking is Nepaljung. Geographically Rara Lake is 5 km widespread and 2 km broad and is the biggest lake of Nepal. Moreover, Rara National Park is on its own best trekking place in Nepal for selecting out the wild nature presently like Ghorals, Leopards, Himalayan black beer, Musk Deer and other exceptional endangered animals called Red Panda. With the existence of prosperous natural system accomplished as the bird’s ecstasy, where people naturally get to scrutinize numerous type of birds beside with the wandering birds. Rara Lake Trekking is therefore precise as a chief package to pay out the pleasant time as the mainly remarkable trek all through the time.
Outline Itinerary
Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu
Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Day 03: Flight to Nepaljung
Day 04: Flight to Jumla (2340m), trek to Padmara
Day 05: Trek to Bumra
Day 06: Trek to Pine (2430m)
Day 07: Trek to Rara Lake (3040m)
Day 08: Rest day and acclimatization
Day 09: Trek to Ghorasain (3271m)
Day 10: Trek to Sinja
Day 11: Trek to Chere Chaur (2987m)
Day 12: Trek to Jumla
Day 13: Flight to Nepaljung and Kathmandu

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu
As soon as you arrive to Tribhuvan Internatiuonal Airport, Kathmandu, you will be received by our representative staff of Upland Adventure very tenderly and from there you will be transferred into the hotel, where you will know about the detail itinerary in relation to the tour package. Stay overnight at hotel.

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Kathmandu valley includes several Hindu temples including of Pashupatinath, listed by UNESCO in World Heritage Sites and the largest Buddhist stupa in Boudhanath. You can also visit the Monkey Temple Swoyambhunath, built in 2000 years old and visit Patan, city of fine arts. Stay overnight at hotel.

Day 03: Flight to Nepaljung
From Kathmandu we will get a flight to Nepaljung. Landing to the airport, we will take rest at the guesthouse and having to eat. Then, we can move about out to appear at the neighboring areas. We will certainly dash into the disparity in our stay in Kathmandu and Nepaljung in terms of weather conditions. Stay overnight at guesthouse.

Day 04: Flight to Jumla (2340m), trek to Padmara
On the following day, again we will receive an additional flight to Jumla from Nepaljung. Jumla is recognized for refining paddy. From Jumla we will catch on the trek directing to the western division called Padmara. Padmara is mark along by two trails one is Gumgarhi and then Rara. Stay overnight in a tented camp.

Day 05: Trek to Bumra
Leaving Padmara behind we will move to Bumra but classically we will grip on away from Padmara, by lifting up every down towards the north side of Ghurseni channel. We will set off away by closing fields at 3,048 m and add to the first pass, Khali Langa, 4 km from Padmara. After that, again we will be heading for the Foot Bridge and search out quicker down North for one hour, all the way through zealous forests to land a bridge located at 2,743m. Stay overnight in a tented camp.

Day 06: Trek to Pine (2,430 m)
On the following day we will turn up to Pine from Bumra by crossing the brook through the log bridge as of the west division to climb Chautha (3,100 m). Following an hour the valley open out into a lovely meadow. We will carry on to the left watercourse throughout a western branch stick together. Taking place to get into the Ghurchi Lagna, we will go up into the very well channel on the north east rank and go around the north diagonally a series of influence to twist up at Pine (2,430 m). Stay overnight in a tented camp.

Day 07: Trek to Rara Lake (3,040 m)
Rara Lake (3,040m) is just 8 km west of Pine which is a short and pleasant trek with fine views to the North. Again we will pass the bridge and ascend to the hamlet of Jhari for about 700 m to arrive a low saddle in 2 hours. Rara Lake, the largest lake is perceptible straight from the North of the lumber. Here, we have to appear down towards the meadows on the south side of the lake. We will be hiking for 2 hours towards the western part of the lake. Stay overnight in a tented camp.

Day 08: Rest day and acclimatization
On the 8th day we will take some rest and explore the near surrounding of the Rara Lake as this lake was chosen as a National Park in 1975. It is strange to know the fact that it consumes 8 hours of walk encircling the lake. Stay overnight in a tented camp.

Day 09: Trek to Ghorasain (3271m)
The trail keeps on progressing towards the south for next 200 m other than it is satisfying trail by way of distant outlook of the mountains. There is no surpass on this high ridge and the trail goes round to the south-east at an elevation of 3749m. The trail again moves downward by the east section of Chuchemara Danda. It is the sensible and vertical slide down to Ghorasain (3271m). Stay overnight in a tented camp.

Day 10: Trek to Sinja
From Ghorasain, nearby is a trail downward to the valley which uses nearly an hour throughout the forests to the pinnacle of the peak at 5,351m. The trail afterward goes round south-east over the tall countryside of Lumas. There are superior observations to the south all along the Sinja valley. The trail takes a downward to Okharpati village on a far above the ground shelf to Mindrabali Gad. The slide down from Okharpati to Sinja takes away less than 2 hours. Stay overnight in a tented camp.

Day 11: Trek to Chere Chaur (2,987m)
Today we will go after the south bank by mountaineering up the edge (2,865 m) for a moment by down falling the matching brook again. The trail fit tightly to the southern part of the stream whose entire mode for an extra 9 km. The mode of the trail is coil and turn over all the way through the stream. Though this is an appealing trail, lies in between the wooded area and boondocks. Finally the trail turn up downhill along the east covering the stream and passing few distances to Chere Chaur (2,987m). Stay overnight in a tented camp.
Day 12: Trek to Jumla
Chere Chaur is a delightful Alpine grazing land somewhere flowers are in profusion all throughout the later summer. It presents the fastidious scenery of the Jumla town, the valley of Tila plus point promoting the Chyakhure Lekh. The return to the town campsite is amusingly fall over in planned stages. Stay overnight in a tented camp.

Day 13: Flight to Nepaljung, Kathmandu
On this day we will take a flight to Nepaljung and from there again take a flight to Kathmandu. From the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu we will be taken into the hotel to have some rest. Stay overnight at hotel.

Day 14: Departure!!!!
This is the final day of your stay with us as per the trekking package. So, after checking out from the hotel you will then be transferred into the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu by our representative staff so that you can go back your hometown or towards your preferred destination. 
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