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Commencing from the desolated lands of Simikot pertaining in the secluded Humla district of Western Nepal, Simikot Kailash Trek Tour took shape only since the year 1993 at which date the governments from Nepal and China agreed to open the border between the countries.    

Simikot Kailash Trek Tour is a perfect package to enjoy the rarely explored isolated terrains of Highland premises that continues through several villages of Nepal and Tibet augmented with eon old cultures and traditions to the venerated lands of Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake.
Simikot Kailash Trek Tour at ‘Nexus Travel Tours’ have been devised as 20days itinerary that gets triggered with 50minutes picturesque flight from Nepalgunj to Simikot from which point the trail ranges over the village of Dharapani to arrive at Sali Khola that stretches further making the way in and out of village of Muchu to Zutulpuk whence the trail prolongs by the way of Darchen and Purang to Manasarovar Lake and further to Mount Kailash.

The circumambulation or parikrama of Mount Kailash is believed to cleanse off all sins committed in this life while Hindus believe total 108 parikramas of Mount Kailash will enable their soul to break the vicious circle of life and death.

Kailash Parikrama begins from and ends at Darchen after passing through Derapuk and Zutuluk.
 Mount Kailash despite being spiritual navel of four religions including Hindu, Buddhist, followers of Bon Po and Jains, receive few visitors each year due to its difficulty in access. The voyage though strenuous is rewarding for its unmatched natural vistas and immense religious significance. 
Itinerary Outline:

Day 01: Drive or flight: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj
Day 02: Flight: Nepalgunj to Simikot
Day 03: Trek to Dharapani
Day 04: Trek to Sali Khola
Day 05: Trek to Muchu
Day 06: Trek to Dirapuk Visit Dirapuk Gompa
Day 07: Trek to Zutulpuk
Day 08: Trek to Darchen
Day 09: Drive to Purang
Day 10: Drive to Manasarovar Lake
Day 11: Rest Day at Manasarovar Lake
Day 12: Move to Darchen
Day 13: Move to Dirapuk
Day 14: Move to Zutulpuk
Day 15: End of Kailash Parikrama near Darchen
Day 16: Drive to Paryang
Day 17: Drive to Saga
Day 18: Drive to Palgutso
Day 19: Drive to Nyalam
Day 20: Drive to Kathmandu
Day01: Drive or Flight: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj:

An hour of pleasant flight with spectacle of several snow shrouded mountains and thundering streams will convey you to Nepalgunj, the bustling city of Western Nepal that locates close to the Indian Border in Western Terai. Alternatively, 16hours of bus ride can also be taken to arrive at Nepalgunj which though tiresome, will be full of epic vistas of dense woods, rivers and high hills.

Day02: Flight: Nepalgunj to Simikot:

Heading north of Nepalgunj, a flight of about 50 minutes will be enough to convey you to Simikot that is the headquarters of Humla, the least developed district of Nepal. Simikot marks the initiation of trekking.   

Day 03: Trek to Dharapani:

The trek commences with a slight ascend to the ridge above Simikot from where it gently lowers down to village of Tuling before descending further through grooves of walnut and apricots to village of Dharapani located at 2507m altitude where you will be staying overnight. 

 Day04: Trek to Sali Khola:

Traversing the long slope, the path proceeds through roaring river and cascading waterfalls to make it to shepherd’s camp at Chachera whence the tapered path escalates to Village of Kermi. Advancing forth the valley with potato and buckwheat fields, the trail passes through pine woods and lowers down to Sali Khola. 
Day05: Trek to Muchu:

Crossing Sali Khola, the trail ascends uphill prior to lowering down to Karnali River. Conquering yet another ridge, you will make it to a meadow whence it proceeds through villages of Yalbang and Yangar to confront the suspension bridge that leads to Village of Muchu located at 2912m altitude. 

Day06: Trek to Dirapuk Visit Dirapuk Gompa:

Leaving Village of Muchu early in the morning, you will range over the ridge and overture the pasture land and rivers with scenic view of colossal Mount Kailash looming above to Lha Chu Valley that further leads to 13th century Dirapuk Gompa Monastery.
Day07: Trek to Zutulpuk:

It is going to be the most strenuous part of Kailash Parikrama. Reconnoitering the Drolma Chu Valley, the trail escalates the Drolma La Pass at 5630m altitude at which point it lowers down along the Thukpe Dzingbu Lake, one of the highest lakes in the world to Zutulpuk Monastery.
Day08: Trek to Darchen:

Pursuing an easy trail for mere 3hours, you will continue walking through several ravines that squeezes through canyon to make it to Darchen located at 4560m altitude where the crew will set your camp for the night.  
Day09: Drive to Purang:

It takes short and easy drive of mere 4hours along the barren lands of Tibet to lead us to Purang. Since you will be arriving early to Purang, you can seize the opportunity to explore around and have gratifying views of wild nature.
Day10: Drive to Manasarovar Lake:

About 10hours of drive will in the end take you to the much awaited Manasarovar Lake located at 4558m altitude after driving past Rakshas Lake and Mayum La Pass existing at 4600m altitude.
Day11: Rest Day at Manasarovar Lake:

Manasarovar Lake is the venerated highest freshwater lake with in the world. 11th day is dedicated to worshipping, taking dip and conducting ritual ceremony in Manasarovar Lake. Taking holy bath in Manasarovar Lake is believed to open the gate of Brahmalok. Region around Manasarovar Lake is rich in minerals and wildlife. 

Day 12: Move to Darchen:

Taking an early bath in Manasarovar Lake, you will head north and cover about 30km of the path to arrive at Darchen which abodes Darchen Gon, a monastery belonging to Drukpa Sect. It is customary practice to walk around Darchen Gon Monastery and Mani Lhakhang prior to heading for Kailash Parikrama.

Day 13: Move to Dirapuk:

53km long arduous Kailash circuit initiates from Dirapuk located at 4909m altitude which demands total three days to get complete.
You will take a brief rest at Tarboche and then walk walk a distance of 7km in 7 hrs time along the beautiful rocky cliffs and waterfalls to finally reach Dirupak.

Day 14: Move to Zutulpuk:

 Traversing the pasture lands, you will be arriving at Lha Chu Valley that later makes entrance to Drolma Chu Valley to eventually reach the Dolma La High Pass located at 5650m. Lowering down steeply from Dolma La Pass, you will be making way through Yama-Sthal, Shiva-Sthal, Parvati-Sthal and Gauri Kunda to finally arrive at Zutulpuk. 

 Day15: End of Kailash Parikrama near Darchen:

15th day marks the end of Kailash Parikrama soon after we cover 14km long trail. After the culmination of Kora, you will make your way out of Zhong Chu Valley that continues through the Bharka Plain along fascinating gorges and Mani walls to the site near to dusty village of Darchen where you will stay overnight.

 Day16: Drive to Paryang:

Continuing through the Bharka Plain, the trail arrives at Darchen from where a jeep ride crossing several streams will lead you along the land of Drogpa nomads to Paryang located at 4540m altitude.

 Day17: Drive to Saga:

The voyage of 255km long road making way through the dusty town of Zhongba and few smaller passes will ultimately turn up at Saga that exists at 4840m altitude where you will be staying overnight.

Day18: Drive to Pelgutso:

 Crossing Yarlung Tsampo(Brahmaputra River), the trail stretches for another 110km ranging over boundless open plains with enticing spectacle of Shishapangma and other mountains to make it to large Pelgutso Lake located at 4850m altitude.

Day19: Drive to Nyalam:

Driving 180km south towards Nepalese border, you will be crossing the High Pass of Lalung La at 5200m altitude to arrive at tiny town of Nyalam where you will be staying in a hotel.

 Day20: Drive to Kathmandu:

Leaving Nyalam, the path enters in and out of the border town of Zhangmu and heads through Friendship Bridge to Nepalese Immigration Control in Kodari where you will be welcomed by your Nepalese staff and transported back to Kathmandu.
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Duration: 20 days

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