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Travel Insurance is the Insurance that you carry out prior to set out in journey. Travel Insurance is very essential to precede any packages. If you are willing Adventure Glacier Trek to be your travel partners then you ought to have Travel Insurance before you book any packages either hey may be trekking or tricky mountaineering.
Now, you might be thinking from where do I have my Travel Insurance? Well, there are numerous Insurance Companies which are tendering this service. Without lingering here and there the easy way out is via Internet. As cyber crime is increasing in Nepal you must be aware of it and please check properly where your travel insurance service does cover Helicopter Rescue or not because this is like a life line you can chose at the moment when you encounter High altitude Sickness or worst climatic condition.
Many visitors used Travel Insurance for their safety as you are inward in Nepal where you cannot take guarantee of nature. In case f you do not have time to stay and wait the nature to be clear and apparent you can use your life line to get out of trouble. In addition, most of altitude may formulate uneasiness as you are not use to it. In such circumstances as well it is necessary. Read the terms and conditions properly before signing in any clause. 

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