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Tsum Valley Trekking is a trek to the serene lands of ‘Beyul Kyimolung’ which once used to be the restricted area. Beyul Kyimolung is the Tibetan word connoting ‘Holy Hidden Valley of Happiness’ and once after visit, you will find the term justifies its essence. ‘Tsum’ has its root in the Tibetan term ‘Tsombo’ which when translated becomes ‘Vivid.’

A myth popular among locals place the origin of Tsum Valley to be in 8th century whereby  Buddhist Saint Padmasambhava is said to have manifested this exquisite land mass in order to render shelter to the people fleeing from war, famine and religious persecution.

The travel expert team from ‘Nexus Travel Tours’ with thorough research have crafted 19- days trekking package enrolling which will take us through adrenaline pumping landscapes and marvelous edifices of Archaic nunneries, local houses, tea houses, monasteries and the cave of Piren Phu to the Tsum Valley enclosed by Boudha and Himal Chuli mountains to the west, Ganesh Mountain to the south and Sringi Mountain to the north. The trail prolongs through colorful forests of pine and rhododendron to the pretty villages of ever- smiling Tsumbas, the native inhabitants of Tsum Valley where we can have the finest views of the precious centuries old Buddhist culture in its original form unmarred by the tethering teeth of time and taint of modernity.

Tsum Valley Trekking commences with a picturesque drive to Arughat Bazaar which marks the initiation of trekking as we tread along the bank of Soti Khola and traverse several cascading waterfalls, small stream, mirk woods with wildlife monasteries and a hot geyser before returning back to Arughat Bazaar and ultimately back to Kathmandu.

Itinerary Outline

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 02: Drive to Arughat Bazaar
Day 03: Trek to Soti Khola
Day 04: Trek to Machha Khola
Day 05: Trek to Doban
Day 06: Trek to Philim
Day 07: Trek to Chumling (Lower Tsum)
Day 08: Trek to Chhokangparo (Upper Tsum)
Day 09: Trek to Nile/ Chhule
Day 10: Trek to Mu Gompa
Day 11: Rest Day in Mu Gompa
Day 12: Trek to Rachen Gompa
Day 13: Trek to Dumje
Day 14: Trek to Philim
Day 15: Trek to Tatopani
Day 16: Trek to Soti Khola
Day 17: Trek to Arughat Bazaar
Day 18: Drive to Kathmandu
Day 19: Departure
Day01: Arrival in Kathmandu:

As soon as you land at the International Airport terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport, you will be greeted by our representatives from ‘Nexus Travel Tours’ and convey you into the tranquil premises of the hotel. A briefing regarding your trekking package will be made and then you get to spend the rest of the day lying idle in the bed. Welcome dinner will be served in the evening.

Day02: Drive to Arughat Bazaar:

It takes about 7-hours of pleasant drive through Pokhara Highway and Dhading Besi to arrive at Arughat Bazaar. A hotspot in Gorkha, Arughat Bazaar is lined with strings of hotels and restaurants. We will locate the one that appeals our taste to spend the night.

Day03: Trek to Soti Khola:

Sauntering gleefully through the green pasture, we will tread along the bank of Budi Gandaki River enjoying the scenic beauty of Shringi himal as the background view which in course of time passes through pretty tiny hamlets of Gurung and Magar ethnics to Soti Khola.

Day04: Trek to Machha Khola:

Crossing the bridge, we will tramp over the verdant woods supporting wildlife to make it to Gurung Village at Labu Besi afterwards which the trail elongates through up and down the hill to wind up at Machha Khola Village which is a tiny yet lively Village of Mongolian origins positioned upstream.

Day05: Trek to Doban:

Traversing the Machha Khola, the trail proceeds to Tharo Khola. Later the suspension bridge over Budhi Gandaki River demands to be crossed to arrive at Doban, the destination of the day that exists at the confluence of the Shiar Klola flowing from the east and Sarpu Klola flowing from the west.

Day06: Trek to Philim:

Pursuing the rocky terrain, we will ascend uphill afterwards which the trail prolongs through ups and downs to meet ravines and deep forest which eventually turns up in large Gurung Village of Philim located at 1550m altitude where corn and millet fields form the major land parts. We will call the day off at Philim.  

Day07: Trek to Chumling (Lower Tsum):

The trail escalates up the vertical and steep hill to arrive at a ridge that continues to Ganesh Himal Base Camp afterwards which it passes through villages of Lokpa and Gumlung by the way of stony path before ending up at Chumling that positions itself on the southern face of Shringi Himal.    

Day08: Trek to Chhokangparo (Upper Tsum):

Ranging over Serpu Khola, the course strings out by the way of the Village of Gho, treading past the plain land whence will lead us to Chhokangparo offering spectacular views of Ganesh Himal Range to the south and Buddha and Himal Chuli Peaks to the south- west. Chhokangparo is the collective form of two hamlets of Chhokang and Paro that maintains its Ancient Tibetan Buddhist heritage undeviated from the originality.

Day09: Trek to Nile/ Chhule:

The trek on 9th day will lead us to Piren Phu Cave aka the pigeon cave which positions itself near to village of Burji. Myth holds Piren Phu Cave to be the place of meditation used by the great Saint Milarepa. Continuing the trail, we will end up at Nile that happens to be the last northern village in Upper Tsum Valley that is positioned at the western bank of Shiar Khola, about 20minutes of walking distance far from Chhule

Day10: Trek to Mu Gompa:

Leaving the west bank of Tsum Valley, the trekking trail undergoes series of ups and downs

to arrive at Mu Gompa (3510m) established in 1895 AD which is the largest monastery in the region located at the highest and farthest point in Tsum Valley.

If time and weather permits, we will have a short trek to Dhephyudonma Gompa which is regarded as one of the oldest monasteries in Tsum Valley which is run by Lama Serap of Nile Ladrang from the Kangin sect.

Day11: Rest day in Mu Gompa:

We will take a much needed break from the trek. A brief walking can be arranged to explore around in which case we will visit Dhephydonma Gompa or reach to the base of Pika Himal (4865m) and return back.

Day12: Trek to Rachen Gompa:

Descending the hill through woods will lead us to Chhule offering the finest view of Majestic Punchen Himal whence the trail stretches further to Rainjam at an altitude of 2600m.  

Day13: Trek to Dumje:

Leaving Rachen Gompa behind, the path lowers down through pine woods to Dumje which is a small settlement with about eight houses and adjoining cattle sheds.

Day14: Trek to Philim:

Traversing several pretty tiny hamlets across Ripchet, Samba Tingding and Chhupyang, the trekking trail proceeds through cascading waterfalls to Philim where we will stay overnight.

Day15: Trek to Tatopani:

Lowering down through Philim, the path stretches along the bank of Budhi Gandaki River to Khorlabesi. A bit farther from Khorlabesi is located Tatopani which is a hot spring of water with medicinal value.

Day16: Trek to Soti Khola:

Passing through several small settlements and terraced crop fields, the path descends to Soti Khola where we will pitch our camp overnight in the bank.

Day17: Trek to Arughat Bazaar:

Crossing the bridge, we will pass through cultivated areas and villages to arrive at Arughat Bazaar where we will stay overnight in one of the lodges.

Day18: Drive to Kathmandu:

Leaving Arughat Bazaar, we will drive across scenic beauties of Dhading Besi, Malekhu, Naubise and Thankot for about 7 hrs to finally be back to Kathmandu from where it all started.

Day19: Departure:

Our representatives will assist you in last moment preparation and will drive you back to Airport from where you will return to your beloved ones. We hope to see you again!!!
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Duration: 19 days

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