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Join the adrenaline ‘Upper Dolpa Shey Gompa Trek and explore Shey Gompa which is the inner heart of Dolpo Region.’ Dolpo region is the remote zone that is positioned to the north of Dhaulagiri Range in the rain shadow of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountains. The whole Upper Dolpo region receives scarce or no rainfall even in monsoon season.
Experience the most thrilling trekking in Western Nepal. Upper Dolpa Shey Gompa Trekking route progresses through Restricted Area.  Long remained hidden from the world, it was open to the foreigners for trekking only since the year 1989. Upper Dolpa Shey Gompa Trek will offer you with the opportunity to explore the unchartered places. The trail progresses through native highland villages. In fact Upper Dolpo is among few regions where ancient Bonpo religion and shamanism are in practice till date.    
Some of the major highlights of Upper Dolpa Shey Gompa Trekking include walking through the largest National Park of Nepal- Shey Phoksundo National Park, viewing Himalayan Wildlife like snow leopard, musk deer and Himalayan blue sheep, climbing the High Passes of Kang La and Shey La, enjoying the views of Dhaulagiri Mountain Range, Annapurna Mountain Range, Kyangyu Ripa, Kanjorowa Mountain and Nilgiri Mountain, stopping by the beautiful turquoise blue Shey- Phoksundo Lake, visiting wonderful Shey Gompa Monastery and moving through culturally rich highland villages.
 Adventure Glacier is operating Upper Dolpa Shey Gompa Trekking as 25-days package. Leaving Kathmandu, we will take flight to Nepalgunj and connecting flight from
Nepalgunj will take us to Juphal which is the initial point for Upper Dolpo Shey Gompa Trekking. We will pass through hills and dispersed settlements at Chhepka. We will pass through points at Chunuwar, Ringmo, Phoksundo Lake, Chunemba and Snowfields Camp to arrive at Shey Gompa. We will make return trip through Namgung, Saldang, Sibu, Lagmo Che, Tokyu, Dho Tarap, Sisaul, Laina Odar, Lingdo, Dunai and Juphal. From Juphal, we will fly back to Kathmandu through Nepalgunj.

Itinerary Outline of Upper Dolpa Trekking:
Day01: Kathmandu Arrival
Day02: Trek preparation and sightseeing in Kathmandu
Day03: Flight to Nepalgunj
Day04: Flight to Juphal (24755m) Trek to Chhepka (2838m) 6hrs
Day05: Trek to Chunuwar (3110m) 6hrs
Day06: Trek to Ringmo and to Phoksundo Lake (3733m) 3hrs
Day07: Rest Day at Phoksundo Lake
Day08: Trek to Chunemba (3639m) 5hrs
Day09: Trek to Snowfields Camp (4400m) 7hrs
Day10: Trek to Shey Gompa (4310m) via Kang La Pass (5375m) 6hrs
Day11: Rest Day at Shey Gompa
Day12: Trek to Namgung (4430m) via Shey La (5000m) 6hrs 
Day13: Trek to Saldang (4060m) 3hrs
Day14: Trek to Sibu (4200m) 5hrs
Day15: Trek to Lagmo Che (4570m) 4hrs
Day16: Trek to Tokyu (4209m) via Jeng La (5110m) 7hrs
Day17: Trek to Dho Tarap (4080m) 2hrs
Day18: Trek to Sisaul (3750m) 4hrs
Day19: Trek to Laina Odar (3370m) 8hrs
Day20: Trek to Lingdo (2391m) 5hrs
Day21: Trek to Dunai (2140m) 5hrs
Day22: Trek to Juphal (2475m) 3-4hrs
Day23: Flight to Nepalgunj Flight to Kathmandu
Day24: Free Day in Kathmandu
Day25: Departure
Day01: Kathmandu Arrival:
Upon arrival, you will be picked up by our representative at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and then taken through the busy streets to hotel. You will receive briefing regarding your Everest Trekking after which you will have welcome dinner and then stay overnight.

Day 02: Trek preparation and sightseeing in Kathmandu:
After quick breakfast, you will be taken on a guided city tour where you will have an opportunity to visit some spectacular World Heritage sites like Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, Swayambhunath and Kathmandu Durbar Square. We will also receive trekking permit from Immigration Department.

Day03: Flight to Nepalgunj:
An hour long flight will take us to Airport at Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj is the major trade of southwestern Nepal. It exists 8km far from the Indian border. We will visit Bageswori Temple and stay overnight at a hotel in Nepalgunj. 

Day04: Flight to Juphal (24755m) Trek to Chhepka (2838m) 6hrs:
We will take 35minutes of pleasant flight. The plane propels forward from high above mountains to Juphal Airport. Disembarking at Juphal, we will begin our trekking. We will walk through fields to Thulo Bheri River. Further, we will move along Suli Khola to Kagbeni Village. From Kagbeni, we will cross the woods and continue our journey through Snagta Village to Chepka.

Day05: Trek to Chunuwar (3110m) 6hrs:
Our journey on 5th day begins from forest. We will later chase river for about 4hours to reach to Rechi Village. We will cross the bridge and choose the escalating trail to Chunuwar in about 2hours of time from Rechi.  If we have enough time, we will explore Amchi Hospital which exists near Chunuwar.  

Day06: Trek to Ringmo and to Phoksundo Lake (3733m) 3hrs:
We will follow the ascending trail for about 2hours to arrive at the top of ridge. We can enjoy the gratifying sight of Suligad waterfall from the ridge. Later, we will lower down to reach stream. We will continue to walk along river to Ringmo Village. After brief rest at Ringmo Village, we will walk further to Phoksundo Lake where we will pitch our camp at the edge of serene lake.
Day07: Rest Day at Phoksundo Lake:
We will take rest from ‘Upper Dolpo Trek’ on 7th day. We will prepare ourselves for the upcoming trekking and take rest at Phoksundo Lake. Upon your interest, we can arrange for the short trek to Tibetan Monastery which exists inside Ringmo village.

Day08: Trek to Chunemba (3639m) 5hrs:
It is the day that we will chase the notoriously famed ‘Demon Trail’. This tapered path is positioned just above the lake and is interrupted at various points by landslide. We will conquer the ridge and enjoy the scenic view of Norbung Kang Mountain before descending to the northern edge of the Lake. From Lake, we will follow the trail through valley with view of Kanjirowa Mountain to Chunemba.

Day09: Trek to Snowfields Camp (4400m) 7hrs:
We will start our walk from Chunemba and we can exit the Phoksundo Valley in about an hour. We will cross the river and follow the entwined path uphill to arrive at Snowfields Camp which is located at the foothill. The place was named Snowfields Camp by Peter Matheison in his novel ‘Snow Leopard.’ We will stay in Snowfields Camp for night.  

Day10: Trek to Shey Gompa (4310m) via Kang La Pass (5375m) 6hrs:
It is going to be the difficult day. We will choose the uphill path for about 3hours. The route is made slippery by the falling snow. We will reach the summit of Kang La Pass which is locally called Ngadra La. Lowering down from the High Pass; we will arrive at Shey Gompa which is the heart of Inner Dolpo.

Day11: Rest Day at Shey Gompa:
We will take break from Upper Dolpo Trek for the second time at Shey Gompa which is located at the foothill of Crystal Monastery. We will pay visit to Tsakang Gompa which belongs to the Kagyupa Sect of Buddhist community. There is possibility of finding snow leopard in this region. 

Day12: Trek to Namgung (4430m) via Shey La (5000m) 6hrs: 
We will follow the path through the narrow valley that escalates uphill to base of Shey La which is locally known as Gelu La. We will take the difficult ascend of Shey La Pass and enjoy the view of Tibetan plateau to the north. We will then lower down to the meadow at Namgung where we will stay overnight.

Day13: Trek to Saldang (4060m) 3hrs:
Trekking on 13th day begins by following the path located above Namgung River. We will then lower down to Saldang Village which is the largest village of Inner Dolpo Region. Salt trade and agriculture are major occupation of locals.

Day14: Trek to Sibu (4200m) 5hrs:
We will continue to move south along the Namgung River. We will pass through few small settlements and cross crop field, Mani Walls and chortens to reach Sibu. It is the dispersed settlement existing at 4200m altitude. We can reach Saldang from Sibu in about 5hrs.

Day15: Trek to Lagmo Che (4570m) 4hrs:
The trail advances along river. We will move through Raka village which is the last Village of Inner Dolpo Region. The journey continues through extensive barren valley to the meadow of Lagmo Che. Lagmo Che is known as the base camp for Jeng La Pass.

Day16: Trek to Tokyu (4209m) via Jeng La (5110m) 7hrs:
It takes 2hours of strenuous trekking to conquer Jeng La Pass. We will enjoy the scenic views of Dhaulagiri and other mountains and then lower down to Tokyu Village. We will visit the Gompa that is located in Tokyu Village where we can see the grand statue of Maitreya Buddha.

Day17: Trek to Dho Tarap (4080m) 2hrs:
Our way progresses along the Crystal Mountain School. An hour long trek from school will take us to yet another fascinating village of Dho Tarap where we will stay overnight. Agriculture is the chief occupation of people of Dho Tarap village. Stone houses are the common sight in Dho Tarap village.

Day18: Trek to Sisaul (3750m) 4hrs:
We will have hurried meal and then we will move further from Dho Tarap. The trail will be relatively easy. We will pass through mani walls and chortens and lower down to Tarap Khola. We will choose the rising path all the way to the valley from where we will lower down to Sisaul.

Day19: Trek to Laina Odar (3370m) 8hrs:
We will take the sharp climb to reach the top of ridge. We can see chortens and prayer flags. Lowering down from the ridge, we will continue our walk along river valley for about 3 to 4hours to reach to Nawarpani. From Nawarpani, we will lower down through forest to Laina Odar. A tent- hotel is available at the riverside at Laina Odar where we can stay overnight.

Day20: Trek to Lingdo (2391m) 5hrs:
We will cross the woods of fir, juniper and cypress and walk for about 3hours to reach Laisicap. We will then cross Thuli Bheri River and walk along the route with view of Kang Tokal Mountain to Sarakot village. Walking further, we will arrive at Lingdo village where we will stay overnight.

Day21: Trek to Dunai (2140m) 5hrs:
It is going to be the difficult day. Our trekking follows the narrow and steep path that is interrupted at various points by We will continue our journey through the narrow path that is obstructed at few points by the landslide. We will cross the Bagar Village and walk along Thuli Bheri River to reach Dunai which is the district Headquarter of Dolpa.

Day22: Trek to Juphal (2475m) 3-4hrs:
From Dunai, we will cross the suspension bridge and follow the easy path for about 2 to 3 hours to reach Juphal. Passing through the village of Kalagaon, we will cross crop fields and climb to Juphal where we will stay overnight.

Day23: Flight to Nepalgunj Flight to Kathmandu:
30 minutes flight will take us to Nepalgunj. From Nepalgunj, we will take connecting flight back to Kathmandu. 

Day24: Free Day in Kathmandu:
We will take much needed rest on 24th day. You can visit the street of Thamel to buy gifts for your near and dear ones. Rickshaw ride around Thamel especially in the evening is a wonderful idea.

Day25: Departure:
This day marks the end of ‘Upper Dolpa Shey GompaTrekking’. You will be assisted in the last moment preparation and then you will be dropped at Tribhuvan International Airport from where you will catch flight to your next destination. We are happy to serve you and we will be expecting your visit soon. 
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