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The hidden gem of Upper Dolpo exists in the isolated vicinities of Western Nepal to the north of Dhaulagiri range. Dolpo had long remained secluded from the outer world till the successful screening of Oscar nominated prestigious movie entitled ’Caravan’ brought immense response and soon became best western Nepal Trekking.

Upper Dolpo Trek is still a Restricted Area Trekking that was opened for foreigners only in 1989. Remaining cut off from the outer world made Upper Dolpo Region immune to the negative impacts of modernism and thus enabled them in retaining the decade-old traditions, culture and way of life alive in its original form. Dolpo is among the few regions where ancient Bon Po religion and Shamanism is still in practice. Being in the rain shadow of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountain Ranges, Dolpo Region gets no rainfall even in monsoon due to being in rain shadow of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountain ranges which make Upper Dolpo Region feasible even in Monsoon.

Walking through Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest National Park of Nepal with Himalayan Wildlife including Musk deer, Himalayan blue sheep and snow leopard, crossing High Passes, having panoramic views of Dhaulagiri Range, Nilgiri, Kyangyu Ripa, Kanjorowa Mountain and Annapurna Himalayan Range and appreciating the beauty of Shey- Phoksundo Lake, visiting Shey Gompa Monastery and Namgung Gompa Monastery all are the major highlights of Upper Dolpo Trek.

Our Trekking Expert from ’Nexus Travel Tours’ have formulated 28-days adventure package that commences with flight to Juphal that marks the initiation of trekking to Dunai and undergo through gorges, woods, villages, lakes and rivers at different levels before turning up once more in Dunai and Jhupal.

Itinerary Outline:

Day01: Arrival in Kathmandu
Day02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Day03: Flight to Nepalgunj
Day04: Flight to Juphal Trek to Dunai
Day05: Trek to Ankhe
Day06: Trek to Sulighat
Day07: Trek to Phoksundo Lake
Day08: Rest Day at Phoksundo Lake
Day09: Trek to Phoksundo Khola
Day10: Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjyang
Day11: Trek to Shey Gompa via Kang La Pass
Day12: Rest Day at Shey Gompa
Day13: Trek to Namduna Gaon via Saldang La
Day14: Trek to Saldang
Day15: Trek to Yangze Gompa
Day16: Trek to Sibu
Day17: Trek to Jeng La Phedi
Day18: Trek to Tokyu Gaon via Jeng La
Day19: Trek to Dho Tarap
Day20: Rest Day at Dho Tarap
Day21: Trek to Tarap Khola(Kamakharka)
Day22: Trek to Khanigaon
Day23: Trek to Tarakot
Day24: Trek to Dunai
Day25: Trek to Jhupal
Day26: Flight to Nepalgunj Flight to Kathmandu
Day27: Rest day in Kathmandu
Day28: Departure
Day01: Arrival in Kathmandu:

Our representatives from ‘Nexus Travel Tours’ will be there at the Airport, ready to greet you as soon as you land in International Airport of Kathmandu. A pleasant drive through happening streets of Kathmandu will lead you to the hotel where you will be briefly explained about the itinerary package before you collapse at the comforting bed in our hotel room.

Day02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu:

It is allocated for Full Day Guided Sightseeing Tour in and around Kathmandu Valley whereby we will visit many UNESCO enlisted World Heritage Sites including Pashupatinath Temple Complex, Bouddhanath, Swayambhunath, Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. Time permitting; we will pay homage to Changu Narayan prior to returning back to our hotel where evening dinner awaits you.

Day 03: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj:

An hour long scenic flight with engrossing aerial views of mountains and terraces will lead us to Nepalgunj that is the hub of Western Nepal and a city of prime significance existing close to the Indian Border in Western Tarai. You will stay overnight in a hotel in Nepalgunj.

Day04: Flight to Jhupal Trek to Dunai:

Jhupal that bestows epic views of snow shrouded Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountains can be accessed via 45-minute flight from Nepalgunj. From Jhupal initiates the sensational trekking experience as we pursue the trail through terraced fields all the way to Bheri River that tapers near gorge to make it to Dunai, the administrative headquarter of Dolpo Region.

Day05: Trek to Ankhe:

Ranging over the suspension bridge, we will walk past the hospital and ascend through Thulo Bheri Valley to a ridge with headstone. Enjoying the epic view of Kagmara Peak, we will proceed by the way of a huge gully all the way downward through dispersed settlement and walnut copse to a ravine. Crossing a ravine, we will walk uphill to the Thakuri Village of Rahagaon and lower down through the grooves to Ankhe that marks the entrance to Shey Phoksundo National Park.

Day06: Trek to Sulighat:

Walking along the river, the serpentine track follows uphill and downhill and lowers down through copse to meet a cliff, lowering down through the yak trail of stone steps whence will lead us to river. Chasing the trail upstream, we will make it through a bridge to Ryajik Village where we will be staying overnight.

Day07: Trek to Phoksundo Lake:

Arriving at the confluence of Phoksundo and Pungmo Rivers, the trail continues through the western side of Phoksundo River and western edge of Pungmo River and traverses cedar grooves to reach Palam, winter settlement of people of Ringmo Village. Moving on through Palm, we will make it to ridge with fabulous 300m cascading waterfall prior to lowering down by the way of birch copse leading to Phoksundo River and Ringmo Village right to Phoksundo Lake.

Day08: Rest Day at Phoksundo Lake:

It is the rest day necessary to get acclimatize with the high altitude of Phoksundo Lake. Experts advise mild walking rather than lying idle for better acclimatization. Brief trek to   nearby Village of Ringmo can be arranged where we can befriend the ever smiling natives and pay visit to venerated local monastery.

Day09: Trek to Phoksundo Khola:

Continuing along the edge of Shey Phoksundo Lake, we will saunter gleefully through the meadow with lush green vegetation at the westernmost end and pass through the valley to arrive at Phoksundo Khola where we will be pitching our camp for the night at its bank.

Day10: Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjyang:

Treading through a glacial valley will turn us up at a confluence of Phoksundo Khola and another mountain stream. Crossing the wooden bridge, the trail escalates to lush green meadow and progresses further up to valley with view of Kang La Pass to Phoksundo Bhanjyang.

Day11: Trek to Shey Gompa via Kang La Pass:

The trek for the day commences with ascending the steep incline all the way to apex of Kang La Pass. Enjoying the mesmerizing views of terrains of valley and river, we will lower down the slope and continue walking along the river bank to the pasture land which eventually winds up in Shey Gompa.

Day12: Rest Day at Shey Gompa:

This would be the day to ease our aching body. We will visit the Shey Gompa popular as Crystal Monastery that belongs to Chaiba community which happens to be the first Kagyupa Monastery. Bit further is located Tsakang Gompa, a meditation centre.

Day13: Trek to Namduna Gaon via Saldang La:

Traversing the juniper grooves, the trekking trail lowers down to rocky bed continuing through which will lead us to Saldang La. Mountaineering the arduous Saldang La, we will descend through the northern face to a meadow which further proceeds to Namduna Gaon that possess Namgung Monastery.

Day14: Trek to Saldang:

Clambering the steep incline, we will move along arid mountains that offers the first glimpse of Saldang. Lowering down, we will be in Saldang that is the largest Village of Inner Dolpo area expanding over two kilometers on an incline which locates itself on a plateau high above Nam Khongmala.  

Day15: Trek to Yangze Gompa:

Heading north of Saldang, we will continue walking along Nang Chu River and undergo few ups and downs to make it to small hamlets of Tiling and Lurigaon. Crossing Panzang River, we will ultimately arrive at Yangze Gompa that happens to be ancient Bon Po Monastery.

Day16: Trek to Sibu:

Two alternatives are available to make the transit to Sibu. We will undoubtedly pursue the easy and short way through Village of Saldang that leads us through terraced fields and chortens to Namdo Village. Stopping by the Namdo Monastery at the proximity of river bed, we will advance along the river for another couple of hours to wind up in Sibu.

Day17: Trek to Jeng La Phedi:

Proceeding through Nam Khong Khola, we will arrive at the confluence whence the trail stretches upward to foothill of Jeng La located at 4900m altitude where we will be staying overnight.

Day18: Trek to Tokyu Gaon via Jeng La:

Escalating through the challenging slope for couple of hours lead to the apex of Jeng La. Enjoying the finest view of Dhaulagiri Mountain, we will lower down to Tarap Valley. Advancing towards Tarap Chu, we will stay overnight at Tokyu Monastery.

Day19: Trek to Dho Tarap:

Traveling east, we will descend through Tarap Chu that opens up to a plain valley. Moving forth the exquisite Valley, we will make progress to Dho Tarap located at 4040m altitude.

Day20: Rest Day at Dho Tarap:

This day is allocated as a rest day to provide solace to our strained limbs. After lunch, we can take a short trek to nearby Buddhist Gompa or to the Bon Gompa that exists bit further from the camp. Exploring the village of Dho Tarap and befriending people is also the fine idea.

Day21: Trek to Tarap Khola (Kamakharka):

Leaving Dho Tarap behind, we will have a gentle descend to a wide valley. Passing the tapered gorge, we will move forth juniper and wild rose bushes to the confluence of Tarap Chu and Lang Rivers. Bit further from the confluence is a meadow with lush green vegetation known by the name of Kamakharka where we will be staying overnight.

Day22: Trek to Khanigaon:

The trek on the 22nd day initiates with a walk down the gorge of Tarap River. Mostly we need to make our own way as the old trail at most of the places have been deserted. Advancing forth the thrilling and adventurous way for 5-6 hours, we will finally set our camp in Khanigaon for the night.

Day23: Trek to Tarakot:

With early breakfast, we will proceed through Village of Lalberi and traverse grooves prior to lowering down to meet another gorge, a brief walk whence will lead to Tarakot, an old fortress town.

Day24: Trek to Dunai:

We will chase the course through Barbung khola which lies downstream along the southern edge of the village of Laban and will head to Dabung. A casual stroll from Dabung will take us to Dunai.

Day25: Trek to Jhupal:

A short walk pursuing the easy trail from Dunai would be able to lead us to Juphal where we will be staying overnight.

Day26: Flight to Nepalgunj Flight to Kathmandu:

45 minutes of scenic flight through mountains will transit us to Nepalgunj. We will then board another plane from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu where it all started. From airport, we will be transported back to our hotel. Evening dinner will be hosted to commemorate the successful trekking of Dolpo Region accompanied by Nepali Cultural Show.

Day27: Rest day in Kathmandu:

This is a free day. Spend the day shopping souvenirs from Thamel or taking a casual stroll down the street. Enjoy your dinner with a Local cultural show in evening.

Day28: Departure:

Our representatives will assist you in last moment preparation and will drive you back to Airport from where you will return to your beloved ones. We hope to see you again!
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Duration: 28 days

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